45-Hour Package for 2nd or Subsequent Renewal

  • Second or Subsequent Renewal
  • PDF Document Download
  • Online Quizzes & Final Exams
  • Includes Implicit Bias Training

Includes the following courses:

  • Real Estate Contracts (12 hrs)
  • Disclosure Obligations (12 hrs)
  • Investment Property Analysis (7 hrs)
  • Real Estate Red Flags (5 hrs)
  • 9-Hour Survey Course (9 hrs)

Minimum time of completion is six (6) calendar days from the date of enrollment. DRE Regulations limit final examination completion to a maximum of 15 credit hours during any one 24 hour period. All courses must be completed within one year of registration.


ADD PRINTED TEXTBOOKS  $30 Physical textbooks may be ordered to supplement the online courses. Shipping cost is $10.