Three Course Prelicense Package

The pre-license package includes:
  • All Three Qualifying Courses (Principles, Practice, plus one more course);
  • Over 700 written practice questions with explained answers (booklet);
  • On-line interactive database of practice questions;
  • Live 2-Day Weekend Crash Course
This pre-license package includes Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and one other course from a designated list provided by the DRE. You will choose the third course from a drop-down menu on a subsequent screen.

Each course includes a printed textbook, on-line homework assignments, and online final exam. The Chamberlin courses have been approved by the California Department of Real Estate and fulfill the education requirement to qualify for the state-administered examination. $11 will be added to your order for shipping and handling. Click the Test Drive button to review Principles Online.

In addition to the written book of California Final Briefing Examinations, you will receive access to an interactive database of over 700 current questions, just like those you will find on the state exam. You study the questions in practice exams drawn at random or by category from the question database. Practice exams grade automatically, providing explained answers and links to an extensive real estate glossary.

Lastly, the live 2-day weekend crash course ties everything together and gives you a last minute briefing on the state exam and provides Hot Questions.