Mortgage Loan Brokering & Lending, 5th Edition Textbook

Mortgage Loan Brokering has been developed in accordance with the strict outline developed by the Department of Real Estate so salespeople, brokers, and the general public have a better understanding of California laws and regulations relating to mortgage loan brokering. This edition covers all matters related to origination, assigning, and selling loans on real property

CONTENTS: Scope of Mortgage Loan Brokerage - The California Department of Real Estate - California Department of Corporations Licensing - Mortgage Loan Activities Requiring a License - Exemptions From Licensing Requirements - Supervision and Licensing Compliance - Agency - Disclosures In Mortgage Loan Disclosures - Fair Lending Practices - Trust Fund Handling - Hard Money Makers and Arrangers - Securities In the Lending Industry - Third Party Originators - Mortgage Banking - Glossary - Index.