Group Study With Online Courses

For those that want to participate in our Group Study Sessions but prefer online courses: Includes Real Estate Principles Online, Real Estate Practice Online, Legal Aspects of Real Estate Online, Group Study Sessions, and State Exam Preparation.

  • Online Courses
  • Online Chapter Quizzes
  • Final Exam Online
  • Group Study Sessions
  • Online State Practice Questions
  • State Exam Prep Course


ADD PRINTED TEXTBOOKS  $75 Physical textbooks may be ordered to supplement the online courses. Shipping cost is $7.00.

Approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate to fulfill the education
requirement to qualify for the state salesperson examination.

Custom Interactive Practice Exams

Sample exams can be customized in length from 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 questions, made randomly or by topic category, with instant grading and explained answers.

The KW San Diego Real Estate School courses are approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate as home study/correspondence courses, not live courses. They include the benefits of "non-mandatory" group coaching sessions for training purposes.

Group Coaching Sessions

We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings for group coaching. You will be notified via email of our Group Study schedule. Please call with any questions. Each of the courses offers four sessions of training, so you can expect to apply for your state exam in just over three months.