45-Hour Package - 1st Renewal

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ADD PRINTED TEXTBOOKS  $10 Physical textbooks may be ordered to supplement the online courses. Shipping cost is $12.

Includes the following courses:

  Real Estate Contracts (12 hrs)   Disclosure Obligations (12 hrs)  Recognizing Real Estate Red Flags (6 hrs)   Agency (3 hrs)   Ethics (3 hrs)   Fair Housing (3 hrs)   Risk Management (3 hrs)   Trust Fund Handling (3 hrs)   Our Management & Supervision course has been officially approved by CalBRE. If you are a Broker renewing for the first time "as a broker" with an expiration date on or after Jan. 1, 2016, we will add the course to your package at NO CHARGE.  

Minimum time of completion is six (6) calendar days from the date of enrollment. CalBRE Regulations limit final examination completion to a maximum of 15 credit hours during any one 24 hour period. All courses must be completed within one year of registration.