Out-of-State License Recognition

With AZ Regulations Online Course
  • Arizona Regulations Online Course
  • Exam Prep
  • All three Broker Management Clinics

All of the study material necessary to learn Arizona concepts for Brokers licensed in other states, who have become or will become Arizona residents. Brokers who choose the out-of-state license recognition option can bypass the 90-hours of required prelicensing education and go straight to the AZ Out-of-State License Recognition Exam for Brokers.

No Refunds After Order is Placed.


Exam Prep Topics Match State Exam with 1050 questions and answers with comprehensive explanations. Build customizable 10-, 25-, 50-, or 100-question tests for focused learning.

Broker Management Clinics fulfill licensing prerequisite. Three separate Broker Management Clinics with automated certificates (9 hours credit), so you will have what you need!