Out-of-State License Recognition

With Downloadable PDF of AZ Regulations Textbook
  • PDF of Arizona Regulations Textbook
  • Exam Prep
  • All three Broker Management Clinics

All of the study material necessary to learn Arizona concepts for the AZ Out-of-State License Recognition Exam, which is intended for Brokers licensed in other states, who have become or will become Arizona residents. Brokers who choose the AZ Out-of-State License Recognition Exam can opt out of the 90-hours required prelicensing education.

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Exam Prep Topics Match State Exam with 1050 questions and answers with comprehensive explanations. Build customizable 10-, 25-, 50-, or 100-question tests for focused learning.

Broker Management Clinics fulfill licensing prerequisite. Three separate Broker Management Clinics with automated certificates (9 hours credit), so you will have what you need!