California Real Estate Finance, 9th Edition Textbook

This clearly written introduction to the world of real estate finance in California lays the ground work for understanding how real estate loans get made. It brings you up-to-date coverage of the latest tax law changes, Cal-Vet, FHA and VA guidelines. Electronic loan processing and other elements of the evolving California mortgage industry are discussed throughout the text.

CONTENTS: Nature and Cycle of California Real Estate Finance - Money and the Monetary System - Fiduciary Sources for Real Estate Finance - Semi-fiduciary and Non-fiduciary sources for Real Estate Finance - Conventional, Insured and Guaranteed Loans - Federal and State Financial Regulations and Lending Programs - Junior Real Estate Finance - Contemporary Real Estate Finance - Instruments of Real Estate Finance - Real Estate Loan Underwriting - Processing Real Estate Loans - The Secondary Mortgage and Trust Deed Markets - Defaults and Foreclosures - Investment Financing Strategies - Mathematics of Real Estate Finance - Glossary - Index.